In agility, when you qualify or place in the top 4 of your group, you earn ribbons. They are silly little things, but we’re damn proud of them. We could do one of those stupid Visa commercials:

  •  Entries fees for Dog Show: $200
  • 2 Nights hotel, food: $250
  • Gas, Tolls, Parking: $50
  • 39 cent 1st place Ribbon: Priceless.

I have been competeing with Beta for about 3 years now. Below is my collection of ribbons. I now only take a placement ribbon – 1st, 2nd, 3th, or 4th if I also qualify, as I don’t have room:

Beta's Ribbon Wall

Beta's Ribbon Wall

Note the large amount of Blue (1st place) and Red (2nd place) ribbons. Usually, with Beta, either we do well and take 1st or 2nd, or we crash and burn and get eliminated.

Here is my meager collection with my old dog, Tyler:

Tyler's Ribbon Wall

Tyler's Ribbon Wall

Note that there are a lot of Yellow (3th place) and White (4th place) ribbons. Tyler was never fast, but he was steady.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I do believe the Pretty Princess would do well with agility course. She certainly is smart enough to do this. Too bad we don’t have something like this, here, in the Sandbox, where we could go and do this kind of thing… Someday. They are discussing a “dog park.” Agility is one of the things I would add to that.


  2. Oooo Pretty Ribbons!!! Some have shinyon them too!! Ahhhhhh!


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