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Beta earns her Master Jumper Title

Over Columbus Day weekend, we went to an agility trial up in N.H. Beta did very well, and Qualified and took 2nd place in Jumpers (which is really the drag racing of agility – nothing but jumps – the dogs run pretty much flat out). Since this was our 5th qualifying run in this event at the Masters level, it earns us the Masters Jumper Title. Here’s the video:

The course was 147 yards, and she ran it in 30.76 seconds.


Beta’s First Master Standard Q

My dog Beta and I compete primarily at USDAA events. They have three levels of skill – Novice, Advanced, and Masters. You start in Novice, and work your way up. Beta has earned the right to compete at the Masters level now, and last month we had our first “Q” in standard agility (to learn what all these terms mean, you’ll have to wait until I write the post about “What is Agility?”).

Here is the video of our run. The camera operator is my lovely wife – you can hear at the end that she was as excited about this as I was (she is our primary instructor, so it makes sense.)

Beta’s Excellent A Standard Title

This is what I do, when I do what I want….